Product Categories

For over forty years TRICOR Systems Inc. has been designing & manufacturing simulators and test equipment while developing unique and innovative products and custom solutions for a number of different customers in a variety of industries.

Displacement, Force & Resistance Switch Testers

TRICOR Systems Inc. offers test equipment for switches, keypads, rubber, etc. Virtually any component where accurate force-displacement and  measurements are required. From our Model 933A, a low cost life test system to our Model 925 test station used to obtain precise force measurements relative to displacement; we have the system you require. Switch tester tips are now availble from TRICOR Systems.

Chocolate Temper Meters

Over the past 30 years, TRICOR’s temper meters have become the standard in temper measurement. The new Model 530 Chocolate Temper Meter offers all of the features field-proven since 1981. The Model 225 Chocolate Temper Meter offers a fast, repeatable and accurate measurement of chocolate temper in a portable and compact device.

Surface Analysis / Color & Light Measurement