921B Displacement Force Test Station

  • Accurate, fast, repeatable testing of displacement and force parameters
  • Test to ASTM standards F1570, F1597, ect. with optional resistance channel
  • PC-interactive or standalone operation
  • Provides in-depth test data to fulfill customer requirements
  • Up to 5000 data points per test
  • Displays test data in tabular or graphic formats
  • Versatile test head can be mounted to meet user’s needs
  • Typically reduces test time by 50% or more

Precise Force Resistance & Displacement Measurements

The Model 921B may operate in a standalone mode for production line testing. The operator is presented with a pass/fail indication for the devices being tested. The Model 921B may also communicate with a PC and provide data for analysis and storage. The analysis includes numerical (tabular) results as well as graphical display of the tested parameters. This line of displacement-force switch test stations has a positional resolution of 0.0025 mm (0.0001 inches). Your test department will appreciate the high accuracy readings provided over the complete travel range.

The Model 921B data can be saved in a reduced content set of results with only the tested parameters stored. This Excel format file can be the combined total of all the tests performed on a production lot. Each new test is appended to the specified file. The storage is optional and at the operators discretion. A more complete test record can be generated by storing the complete displacement / force / resistance measurements over the travel distance. An Excel format file again is used, but the data in this file is the total measurement collected for a single test. Included in the files are links to each of the associated files. The PC provides coordinates the retrieval and viewing of these independent files. Also available is the test configuration setup in the Model 921B, the test results and the actual measurement data. Used on the production line the data file is not typically saved, but if required the Model 921B and application software is fast enough to store all the collected information.

Interchangeable force sensors with ranges up to 22.7 kg (50 lb.) are available. The Model 921B also permits the user to change the probe tip. The test station performs a calibration on the complete test fixture. This calibration removes the deflection and compression effects that can reduce reading accuracy. The calibration is performed over the range of forces specified for the specifically configured setup.

Invaluable as a test tool for qualifying first article product, audit testing, engineering investigation and life study tests, the Model 921B can also be used in automated production areas. When integrated with an automatic feed or an x-y positioner, the Model 921B functions as a cost-effective automated test station ideal for a wide variety of production applications.

The 921B is provided with a user friendly application software that runs on Microsoft Windows based PCs. The output data is all in Microsoft Excel format files that can be opened by other application supporting this format and allows easy import of data for statistical process control (SPC).

The 921B is one of the most versatile, accurate and cost-effective test stations of its kind. It features accuracy levels equal to or exceeding those of much more expensive, dedicated systems.

Power Requirements 115/220 V ac, 50/60 Hz, 230 VA
Test Speed As fast as 8 mm/s (0.32 inch/s); as slow as 0.0254 mm/s (0.001 inch/s)
Measurement Units Metric or English – user selectable
Range: 0 to 62.51 mm (0 to 2.46 inches) programmable
Resolution: 0.00254 mm (0.0001 inch) programmable
Abs Accuracy: ±0.00762 mm (±0.0003 inch) max
Repeatability: ±0.00762 mm (±0.0003 inch) max
Range: 0 to 3.60 kg (0 to 127 oz); other available ranges include 0-75.0 g
0-2.65 oz), 0-360 g (0-12.7 oz), 0-2.00 kg (0-70.6 oz) and 0-22.68 kg
(0-50.0 lb)
Resolution: 1 g (0.035 oz)
Abs Accuracy: ±0.25% of full scale max
Repeatability: ±0.1% of full scale max
Tested Parameters
Actuation: Release: Calculation:
FMAX = actuation force FRESTORE = FMIN @ release Tactile ratio = (FMAX – FMIN) / FMAX
FMIN = minimum force TRESTORE = travel @ FRESTORE
TMIN = travel @ FMIN
TMAX = travel @ FMAX
*Options available


Resistance/Voltage Channel(FDR Mode)

Resistance range of 0 – 16 kΩ or voltage range of 0 – 4 V; other resistance/voltage range available. Measures resistance for tactile and non-tactile switches. Tests the following additional parameters:

Test Fixtures

  • 42.5H x 45.7W x 45.7D cm
  • (16¾H x 18W x 18D inches)
  • 14.2 kg (31.5 lb)
  • 42.5H x 30.5W x 30.5D cm
  • (16¾H x 12W x 12D inches)
  • 7.8 kg (17 lb)

Configuration Test Summary
Display Name TRICOR
Display Version 1.0
Work Order Number Sample FD
Transducer -01 (3.600 kg)
Lead Screw -01 (0.003 mm)
Steps/Log 1
Speed 1.220 mm/sec
Block Reference 0.000 mm
Maximum Force 3.600 kg
Touch Force 0.040 kg
Nest Code none
Configuration ID 0x0F3597DC
Minimum Maximum
TMAX 0.000 mm 166.459 mm
TMIN 0.000 mm 166.459 mm
TRESTORE 0.000 mm 166.459 mm
FMAX 0.000 kg 3.600 kg
FMIN 0.000 kg 3.600 kg
FRESTORE 0.000 kg 3.600 kg
Tactile Ratio 0.00% 100.00%
Delta Force 0.015 kg

Force Displacement Results
Result Type FD Mode
Date/Time 1/24/2008 11:43:30 AM
Result ID / Configuration ID 0x00000o5E 0x0F2B3074
Device / Workorder TRICOR Sample FD
Tester SN / BCD / Transducer SN 20000 0 -01 (3600 kg)
Fail Codes (1-4) 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000
Other Codes (1-4) 0x00000100 0x40000F00 0x00000000 0x00000000
Test Status / Cause PASSED Ok
Position Force
Max 0.0110 in 0.533 kg
Min 0.0198 in 0.400 kg
Restore 0.0192 in 0.365 kg
Tactile Ratio 24.95%

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